Knowing Metro Manila’s key routes is always a big help. I noticed that many people from the provinces are having a hard time memorizing the busy streets of Metro Manila. Tourists, local or not, as well as my friends from Europe and US get lost even with their handy book Lonely Planet. This is why I  decided to make this simple Metro Manila Landmark Guide.

Just try to remember these details.

General Overview Metro Manila

General Overview Metro Manila

Key Points / drop off places

Key Points / drop off places

MRT and LRT Stations you should know

MRT and LRT Stations you should know

The 3 major  guides you should always remember when you are in Metro Manila are: MRT train station,  LRT 1, and  LRT 3.

MRT travels along the EDSA route. EDSA is a national highway that passes through Pasay City, Makati City, Mandaluyong City and Quezon City. MRT line starts from MRT North Station located near  Trinoma mall and ends at Pasay Taft Station. It is the blue line on the map.

LRT 1 travels along the TAFT Avenue line starting from Caloocan Monumento LRT station, it passes Manila City hall then to Taft Avenue then to Edsa then to Baclaran. It is the yellow line on the map.

LRT 2 travels from Recto/Quiapo Manila to Cubao, Quezon City and ends at Marikina City. It is the red line on the map.

Depending on you location or destination, always use the MRT or LRT train stations as your major landmark. After knowing your major landmark, find the next closest landmark or big establishment near your destination or location and map it out to the Train Station nearest to you. In that way, you will always have a starting point.

More Info to follow.


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