My BIG Cactus!

13 09 2009

A Cactus on Bidding

The Cactus Model for Business

The Cactus Model for Business

Yeah I know… That cactus is bigger than what you have planted in your backyard. Hehehe. Anyway, I took this photo during the 2008 Baguio Panagbenga festival at Session Rd. This cactus was the darling of the crown and has proven itself as a show stopper. Hundreds of visitors stop to look at the proud and  good looking cactus and for every stop, the owner of the booth offers them some products for sale. His cactus is definitely helping him sell.  The owner of the booth made their small space stand out on the crowd, it was funny but helpful.

The Big And Long Cactus

The Big And Long Cactus

As you can see, it is a majestic piece of art. If you have something that will draw attention to your booth in a trade fair event, capitalize on it, do not be ashamed, be proud of your “marketing material”. It is your prize possession, every smile it brings to a person could mean income on your part. You may not have something like this majestic cactus to attract people, but if you will think of something that will stir the mind of the viewer, then you’re  a winner.  Create something that will make people smile or laugh. If you do this right, your idea or creation will lead you to have more sales than before.




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