13 09 2009

Divisoria, shopper’s haven on the streets.

Divisoria, a shopping haven for the masses

Divisoria, a shopping haven for the masses

You will notice the  big difference in mall prices once you have been to divisoria. Looking at the right places and location, you could find a nice looking bag sold for P100 and has a mall price of P500! Same design, same factory, different marketing techniques. I am really fond in going to Divisoria, even if I will only purchase a pair of socks because I discover something new every time I visit that place.

For businessmen and traders, Divisoria is a convenient and cheap place to look for raw materials and even ready made products good to sell. Aspiring entrepreneurs with the vision of creating their own niche products (specialty products) should also find sometime to visit Divisoria.

The Ever Famous Binondo Church

The Ever Famous Binondo Church

Ongpin Street, right after Binondo Church is a good place to buy wholesale shirts of all colors, sizes, and shapes.  The election fever is on the way so it is good to visit this area if you intend to purchase quality and cheap campaign shirts. Just imagine, you can buy a black XXL soft cotton t-shirt for only P70! Saan ka pa! Just put some print on it, label and brand it then you can sell at your desired price! During the past 2007  elections, I saw so many individuals buying wholesale shirts for their respective candidates. I waited in line just to buy 24 plain white t-shirts to use for my hand painted t-shirts.

Remember this, you can find almost anything in Divisoria, from thumbtacks to furniture but you must be prepared if you intend to “stroll” because its sticky hot and people are everywhere.

China Town Ching chi chi ching ching ching ching chiiinnng :)

China Town Ching chi chi ching ching ching ching chiiinnng 🙂

China Town is located just beside Divisoria. It is actually a 3 in 1 visit for a local or foreign tourist. This is because the ever famous Quiapo church is near China Town and Divisoria. Within China town you could find various “unreadable” products. Why unreadable? Because only Chinese people can read it. When I bought some herbs and spices, I had to rely on the interpretation given by the saleslady. I made some kung-fu hand moves and the saleslady gave me Ginseng and said “use it at night” then  gave me a sweet smile. It made my day!

We will discuss Divisoria, Quiapo and China Town under a magnifying glass  in our succeeding articles.




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