A Fishy Restaurant / Eat All You Can!

13 09 2009
Something Fishy Over Here

Something Fishy Over Here

Mmmmmmnnn! This is one good restaurant with one good promotion… EAT ALL YOU CAN!

This Restaurant located in Libis, Quezon city, offers one of the best eat all you can packages i have ever seen. For a minimum package of  P250, you can feast yourself like there is no other day. From appetizers to main dish to desserts, its all quality and superb. But this is not the only restaurant in that area. With competition rising, each establishment must have its promotional packages to lure customers in. That is what I saw with this restaurant. Although it specializes on Tuna and other seafoods, its eat all you can offer stands out. From employees to executives, this place is full of hungry people.

Indeed, to be able to stand out from the competition, you must have an edge. Something that others do not have or something that you started will remain under your name. To me, trend setters are actually creating a “silent” marketing arm. For example, if you create a menu where you offer unlimited rice, people will actually visit your establishment because of the offer. Other restaurants will follow the trend, however, the trend setter will enjoy the “silent promotion” because everytime unlimited rice is discussed, the trendsetter will always be mentioned. Look at Tokyo Tokyo Food Chains and Mang Inasal Restaurants. Di ba?




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