Food Of The Modern Ancients

11 09 2009

One of the most nutritious delicacy ever formulated is the soup we call MODERN ANCIENTS. The recipe was passed on to us by a 93 year old china man ( Apac ) and we added some of the worlds most nutritious herbs making it modern but ancient. Although the ingredients may be available commercially, the mixture and formula that we developed for almost a decade remains a family recipe but soon everybody can have a taste of this mysterious soup.

The Modern Ancient

The Modern Ancient

In the commercial market, some of the ingredients are found in the prepared soup pack called sibot. Our soup however is composed of 12 herbs and with the right mixture and ratio could produce a taste unknown to man. If you have some secret recipies  in your possession… share!

The Modern Ancient

The Modern Ancient

Sealed packs of this nutritious herbs and spices will soon be available for sale. Just boil beef or chicken meat until tender and add the herbs and spices. You will feel more energized and healthy throughout the day.

In small start up businesses, food business always stand out and they last longer. If you have something that makes your recipe different and stand out from the competition, capitalize on it.

Coming Soon…




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