Magandang Negosyo Is Born

8 09 2009

At long last, our concept of creating a blog for good businesses is now running. After years studying Philippine market as an entrepreneur, trainer and coach, I saw the big potential of fellow Filipinos in the field of business, big or small.

Seminar Attendees on Basic Entrepreneurship

Seminar Attendees on Basic Entrepreneurship

Indeed, almost all of us would like to establish his or her own business. We see business as a life saver, a long term investment, a money tree. However, putting up a business is not that easy. We must know the basics from conceptualizing to government permits to selling and marketing.  One good example why we should know the basics of business is our friend Juan Dela Cruz. Our friend Juan is a Civil Engineer who got employed at Saudi. He was earning big and his family in the Philippines was enjoying the fruit of his labor. His eldest son, however, is  irresponsible. His wife is always at the majong table, to make the long story short, his family in the Philippine had no savings. Juan, being optimistic, was thinking of putting up a business  after his contract expires. So after four years, he was back at his hometown. But as we all know, an OFW going back home after years of hard work will always experience the usual “tradition”. So he bought “pasalubongs” for his family, relatives and friends. For one week, it was a “fiesta” in their house.

Two weeks after Juan Dela Cruz arrived in his hometown, he is now thinking of putting up a business. His wife wants to put up a parlor, his son a computer shop, his relatives and friends have countless suggestions. He tried the computer shop, it failed. He tried numerous promising  network marketing companies, he lost more than what he invested. He tried investing on agricultural crops, heavy rains destroyed the crops.

In ten months, his hard earned “Saudi money” is almost depleted, gone. He tried  so many businesses and entertained so many income opportunities.  His wife started to nag him and his friends and “uplines” are nowhere to be found. He was sad and feeling down.

After one year, he was already thinking of going back abroad, earn more money and come back to establish business again. And so the story goes on. Coming to realize, Juan Dela Cruz entered into a venture where he has little knowledge. Business is not just about having a product and selling it or investing in something and wait for the interest. It takes time and effort to learn the basics of business. It is not that hard and it takes time to plan. If you ask OFW’s  their future plans when they come back to the Philippines, almost 99% of them will tell you, ” i want to put up a business “. Then again, how?

This website will help you put up that business. We will learn from the success as well as failures of businessmen and entrepreneurs, big or small. Business ideas, products and services will be entertained and discussions on government permits will also be featured.

Whatever challenges we encounter, we just DON’T  QUIT!




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